Kinetic Leap – Part One …

The rear view mirror on Year One of entrepreneurship.

Cheers to year one! In the spirit of paying it forward, here are a few reflections on our journey to date:

1. Get comfortable wearing multiple hats (just know when and which one(s) to outsource).

2. Identifying your competitive differentiators can be challenging. Thankfully, our clients helped us clarify our value-add based upon their need for true business partners with industry experience.

3. Don’t be reluctant to ask for help…in many cases you will receive it. We were amazed at the number of people willing to listen, advise and help.

4. Enjoy the roller coaster ride. Entrepreneurship has its ups and downs. These inevitable swings will teach you – a lot.

Shockingly, as evidenced by the above, lawyers and regulatory professionals are not astute at marketing. Accordingly, we will let our clients do some of the talking for us:


“Jana is a highly experienced legal expert in healthcare compliance and has made a significant contribution to our company since we engaged her last year. She has also become our de facto expert for all commercial contract work. She is exceptionally responsive and her insights have been well balanced to the needs of our business. I would recommend Jana to any executive in need of expert outside counsel in the areas of healthcare compliance and general commercial contracting work.” – Andrew P. Holman, Chief Commercial Officer 


“Jana has been a terrific legal resource for GE Healthcare.  Her extensive in-house experience working across all levels of a large, global organization on both tactical and strategic matters enables her to rapidly engage and provide seamless, cost-effective legal support on a wide variety of matters.” – Timothy Finnerty, General Counsel, Ultrasound and Life Care Solutions

“Jana’s broad-based experience in the healthcare sector, business acumen, and sound judgment have proved a tremendous asset in delivering legal support for GE Healthcare’s Imaging business.  She is uniquely positioned to serve her clients well in providing high-quality, yet economical legal advice and counsel in a rapidly changing business environment.” Rebecca Zimmer, General Counsel, Imaging Equipment

“KCS and Robin Martin have the regulatory expertise to manage complex projects with global medical device launches, while also being a collaborative and supportive team member, explaining the “why” behind requirements” – Regulatory Affairs Director








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